Recently we digitized our first Free Standing Lace embroidery!  For all the Sailor Moon fans, this FSL design has purpose.  It shall eventually become the decorations on Princess Serenity’s dress.  If it turns out well we may even sell this FSL on our fashion etsy.  What do you guys think?

It you want the simple version of Chibi Moon’s brooch we also do that too! 

sold here:

We actually take a lot of custom patch commissions on our fashion etsy.  The above triforces on a black background are a great example.  So if there’s something you want but don’t see in our shop, please don’t hesitate to private message us on our etsy shop.  We can also change out colors on existing patches, just message us a ahead of time and we’ll make you a custom listing! :)

Fashion etsy:

Feeling sentimental?  We recently updated our classic anime Sailor Moon earrings!

Sold here:

Our Manga Sailor Moon tiara can now be made Sailor Moon Crystal style!  We were so happy to see them include this tiara in the anime!!!! 

Sold on our cosplay etsy:

Someone likes Persona!  This was a recent patch commission from our fashion etsy.  We included the small Junpei arm badge as an extra gift for the commissioner, hope they like it! <3

All these patches can be purchased on our fashion etsy:

We were recently commissioned for a full Sailor Moon Crystal cosplay set!  Brooch, Tiara, Earrings, Odango Sheilds, Choker piece, and hair feathers. 

Etsy shop:

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